Will Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sign an extension this offseason?

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For those unfamiliar, PCJS refers to the duo of coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. For today's purposes, let's just focus on Carroll.

After the season ended last month, he was asked if he's looking to get something done with his contract this offseason, considering Carroll's in the final year of his deal.

"I’m in great shape," Carroll said. "Thanks for asking."

ESPN's Adam Schefter noted on TV over the weekend that it's rare for a coach to simply play out the final year of his contract. Schefter made it clear that this is not a big deal now, but it's something worth monitoring this offseason, especially considering Carroll's success in Seattle and the fact that the NFL is returning to Los Angeles.

My take? There's no reason for Seahawks fans to panic. With Tom Coughlin out in New York, Carroll is now the oldest head coach in the league. He and Schneider have formed a special combination, and the Seahawks' window to win another Super Bowl is wide open. Russell Wilson is only 27 years old, and the defense, which has led the league in fewest points allowed for four straight seasons, is loaded with young talent.

At one point late in the season, when coaches around the league were starting to be let go, I asked Carroll about how long it takes to establish a new culture.

i"This is a very diverse job," he said. "It takes all kinds of opportunities to get your message across, to get your message in place. You're called on so many different areas to do that, depending on the status of your team when you take over. It's really hard to do in a short amount of time. It takes time, particularly if you're a first time coach. He's got to figure his way out too.

"There is a transition that's going to take place, and it's gauging if you're making good, positive moves. There's a lot of factors in that: The people that are on your roster, the people that you add to your roster, the way that you're making your changes, the way players are growing in all of that. To really know, it takes you a good while. It takes you three, four years before you know. That doesn't mean that owners don't make decisions before that. We see that happen, but it takes you awhile.

"I think an appreciation for all of the things that have to come together: The staff continuity and the continuity between the player personnel people and the coaches and all of that. There's not a quick fix there, for the most part. I think patience is really important. The support of the guy that he knows that he can feel good about the choices that he's making and the learning curve that's occurring and feel strong about it. That support is really just as important as it is to support players that are performing on the field."

It was a long, wordy answer. But there's a reason Carroll has a lot to say on the subject. He was fired twice in previous lives with the New York Jets and New England Patriots. He knows the difficulty in getting everyone on the same page within an organization and building something special.

He'll be 65 at the end of next season. Would he really want to ditch one of the most talented rosters in the league to go somewhere else at this stage of his career? There are surprises all the time in the NFL, but it seems unlikely.

If we get to August, and nothing has happened with Carroll's contract, then the speculation about his future will intensify. But with six months between now and then, the guess here is it won't get to that point and that Carroll will sign an extension to remain with the Seahawks.