Wilson not sleepless in Seattle

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson often uses a hashtag on his tweets that says NoTime2Sleep.

Wilson is known for being the first player to the Seahawks’ facility each morning and often the last player to leave. So, how much does he sleep?

“I usually go to bed around 10 [p.m.] and get up around 5 or 5:15 [a.m.], Wilson said. “So, that’s what, seven hours or so? Something like that.”

So, what does the hashtag mean to him?

“Just that I have little time,” he said. “When I do sleep, I’m probably dreaming about football plays. But, yeah, I can always say that there’s no time to sleep. What that means is that there’s always something else to do. There are more things that I need to do in terms of getting better for our football team, and for myself personally, and just continue to grow.”

Seattle coach Pete Carroll might not know about Wilson’s sleep patterns, but he described his quarterback as a risk taker who is a good enough athlete to make the risks worth it.

Wilson, as studious and detail-oriented player as you will ever find, doesn’t necessarily see his play as risky.

“Am I a big risk taker? I don’t know," Wilson said Thursday. “I just kind of play what I see. I trust what I see. I don’t really look at it as ‘Is this a risk? Is this not a risk?’ I just try to play.”

Wilson said he’s all about weighing the risks.

“I think, being a quarterback, you have to be a great situational football player," he said. “You have to understand the situations and understand what the circumstances are, the ebbs and flows of the game.

“The biggest thing is there are times that you have to take a risk and times where you have to do certain things. What if it’s a third down or fourth down or end of a game? You have to take that shot. Or, if it’s early in the game, maybe you take a little bit less risk. It’s one of those things where you have that equal balance.”

Wilson firmly believes in balance in his life, even sleeping when there’s no time to sleep.