Gym owner says employees acted appropriately with Kam Chancellor

On Wednesday evening, Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor shared a story on Twitter about how gym employees in Redmond, Washington, wrongfully called the police on him.

On Thursday, the owner of the gym, Ryan Neal, released the following statement:

"We regret this unfortunate incident but completely support the actions of our employees. Our team responded in a manner as instructed by me under the guidance of the Redmond Police Department. We always err on the side of caution when an individual or individuals try to gain entry to the club unannounced. We have recently had attempted break-ins and still have members' property in the club that we need to protect until returned. I have confirmed with Redmond PD that our employee response was appropriate, given the situation, but we are nevertheless conducting a review of the security footage to ensure their response was appropriate. As the owner of the Redmond Athletic Club, I have attempted to reach out to Mr. Chancellor to discuss his interest in the purchase of the club in a traditional business discussion. If Mr. Chancellor or anyone else is interested in the club or our equipment, they can reach out to me directly or attend our public auction in April."

According to the disturbance call, Chancellor and four other adults were pounding on the door and looking through the windows of the club, which shut down earlier this week but still had employees working inside. Chancellor holds fitness boot camps for women and wrote on his verified Twitter account that he had interest in buying the property.

Via email, Becky Range, the Redmond Police Department's public-information coordinator, wrote, "We strongly encourage all of our residents and businesses to call 911 if they ever feel like they need our assistance. We take all calls for service seriously and gauge our response from the information provided in the call. Once we arrive, we then determine exactly what the circumstances are."

Police have released audio of the 911 call, in which the employee describes three African-Americans and two white adults outside the gym.

Range said the police's interactions with Chancellor were "very positive," and no police report was filed.