Russell Wilson: Trust with Seahawks receivers 'over the top'

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seattle Seahawks clearly felt comfortable with the group of pass-catchers who took the field in 2015.

The top four receivers from last season's squad -- Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jermaine Kearse and Jimmy Graham -- are back with the team, although Graham is recovering from a ruptured patellar tendon injury.

Russell Wilson completed 329 passes last season, and 268 of them (81.5 percent) went to players who are still on the roster. This offseason, Wilson got together with several of the receivers for workouts in Los Angeles, and he said the comfort level is higher than ever.

"The receiver group, there's so many guys. And it's going to be competitive," Wilson said. "That's what you look forward to. And we've gotten a lot of work in the offseason. We've always gotten a lot of work. But I'm talking about three, four times a week, every week. Just trying to get as much throws and catches and as much detailed work as we could. And it's really showing up.

"In terms of signaling, in terms of timing, in terms of routes, in terms of seeing things, recognizing things before they happen, just those nuances of the game, knowing where to throw a guy and put it in a spot where he can only catch it. So those guys are really helping me, honestly, just the types of plays that they're making for me right now and all the things that they're doing. That trust factor is over the top in a positive way."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said at the end of last season it was time to take Wilson to school in terms of understanding how defenses were trying to attack him. There are restrictions in terms of what players and coaches can do in the offseason, but Wilson said they have started to have 25-minute sessions that focus on different areas.

"We just try to go over defensive philosophies, what they’re trying to do, types of different defenses, different looks, just to continue to gain knowledge as much as I can," Wilson said. "The more knowledge, the better. Then when you go out in the game, you just play ball.

"I think I've always tried to look at it: What's the defense's concepts? What's their philosophies? What are they trying to do? Because that gives you an added advantage on what their weakness is and what their strength is and their defense. And that's really just continuing that. It's nothing new."

Added Carroll, "We’ve visited a number of times. We really started now football-wise. We’re just having fun with it and just developing, so nothing really to share with you guys other than some real specific stuff and just trying to bring him around to understand things that he hasn’t had to pay attention to in the past, just to broaden his outlook on football and all that."

The biggest question mark for the offense is the line where the Seahawks have three new projected starters. And their two returning starters -- Garry Gilliam and Justin Britt -- are switching positions.

But if Wilson has time in the pocket, he's in position to repeat last season's performance in which he led the NFL in passer rating.

"We had such a fiery season last year in a good way, making so many plays, especially through the passing game," Wilson said. "And we want to keep that acceleration going."