Russell Wilson has the edge over Andrew Luck through first four seasons

Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are the top quarterbacks from the 2012 draft and will continue to be compared to each other. USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts selected Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft. Seventy-four spots later, the Seattle Seahawks took Russell Wilson.

Wilson got his big contract extension ($61.5 million guaranteed) last summer, while Luck signed his new deal ($87 million guaranteed) Wednesday.

Four years in, how do their résumés stack up against each other? Here's a look.

Passing numbers

Wilson has the edge here in just about every category.

Wilson ranks 10th in completion percentage since 2012, while Luck is 31st. The only quarterbacks below Luck in this area are Brandon Weeden, Geno Smith, Brian Hoyer and Josh Freeman.

Yards per attempt also falls Wilson's way. No quarterback has posted a higher yards per attempt (8.05) than he has in the past four years. Meanwhile, Luck ranks 26th (7.05), a full yard below Wilson.

In terms of decision-making, it's Wilson again. His 3.12 touchdown-to-interception ratio ranks behind only those of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady since 2012. Luck is 16th, at 1.84.

Wilson often gets labeled as a scrambler and an improviser, but when you look exclusively at throws from inside the pocket, he has been better than Luck.

Wilson ranks fifth in completion percentage on throws from inside the pocket, while Luck is 32nd. The only players who have completed a lower percentage of their attempts when inside the pocket the past four seasons are Jameis Winston, Hoyer and Freeman. Wilson's YPA on throws from inside the pocket ranks first, while Luck is 23rd. Wilson's passer rating is second to Rodgers, while Luck ranks 24th.

The Colts have asked Luck to throw more. His 38.29 attempts per game is fifth-most. Wilson's 27.11 attempts per game ranks 49th. But Wilson has been better in every major statistical passing category.

Under pressure

Neither quarterback has played behind a top-tier offensive line, but according to ESPN Stats & Information's game charting, Wilson has been pressured more than Luck.

According to the numbers, Wilson has been pressured (defined as sacked, hit or under duress) on 36.6 percent of his dropbacks since entering the league. That's the highest number of any quarterback in the NFL during that span.

Luck, meanwhile, ranked 10th at 27.6 percent.

Wilson has taken more sacks but been less interception-prone, and both quarterbacks have had issues with fumbles.

Supporting casts

In terms of overall team success, there's nothing to debate. Wilson has been surrounded by better players -- specifically on defense and in the backfield.

Here's how their respective defenses and run games (on average) have stacked up, according to Football Outsiders' DVOA efficiency rankings.

The Seahawks have consistently had one of the best running games in the league, while the Colts have been below-average. The same can be said for the respective defenses.

However, the idea that Wilson hasn't had to do much because the Seahawks always have the lead is silly. According to Pro Football Reference, he has led 18 winning drives in the fourth quarter. That makes up 39.1 percent of the Seahawks' regular-season victories over that span. And Wilson's 103.1 passer rating in the fourth quarter (since 2012) ranks behind only Rodgers and Tony Romo. Luck has 14 winning drives in the fourth quarter. His passer rating in the final 15 minutes is 86.8 (17th).

Bottom line

Overall, Wilson has the superior résum&eacute. That really isn't up for debate when comparing the two players analytically. The more relevant question is: Which quarterback will be better going forward?

Luck has tremendous upside and showed in 2014 how good he can be. Wilson finished last season on a 24-touchdown/one-interception tear, and his arrow appears to be pointing upward.

At the end of Luck's new deal (which runs through 2021), this will be fascinating to revisit. But through the first four seasons of their respective careers, Wilson has the clear edge.

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