The numbers on Seattle's Percy Harvin

RENTON, Wash. -- No one was surprised to learn that receiver Percy Harvin won’t play Sunday for the Seahawks, which will lead to increased speculation about whether he will play again this season.

“We’re looking forward to next week being a really important week for him,” Seattle coach Pete Carroil said. “We’ve got a shot at it. It’s kind of week to week.”

Carroll said he wants Harvin on the field again as soon as he’s ready, and he says Harvin is itching to contribute. But it’s a risk vs. reward situation at this point.

Here are the actual number of games played for Harvin in his NFL career:

Games played: 71.2 percent.

Games started: 55 percent.

Obviously, those percentages are skewed downward over the past two seasons because of Harvin’s ankle injury at midseason last year with the Minnesota Vikings and his hip surgery this year.

Counting Sunday at San Francisco, Harvin now has played in only one of the past 21 games his teams have played. But he played in 47 of 50 games in his first three seasons.