Seahawks' Eddie Lacy earns additional $1.3 million if he runs for 1,200 yards

Eddie Lacy's one-year contract includes $2.865 million guaranteed. He can earn an additional $2.685 million in incentives. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

On Monday, Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy earned $55,000 for weighing in at under 255 pounds.

Lacy's contract includes bonuses tied to making weight on seven different occasions. If he hits all of them, he'll earn an additional $385,000. But that's not the most significant incentive in his deal.

Per a league source, Lacy's contract includes a potentially bigger bonus tied to rushing yards. If he runs for at least 800 yards, Lacy will cash in on an additional $250,000. If he hits 900 yards, he'll get $500,000. For a 1,000-yard season, Lacy receives $750,000. For 1,100 yards, the number jumps to $1 million. And if Lacy rushes for 1,200 yards or more, he'll get $1.3 million. (He is eligible to receive just one of the bonuses tied to yardage; they don't accumulate.)

During his four seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Lacy averaged 858.8 rushing yards. He rushed for only 360 yards last season and missed 11 games due to injury. In 2015, Lacy rushed for 758 yards. He surpassed 1,100 yards in each of his first two seasons but has never rushed for 1,200.

Lacy has another sizable bonus tied to durability. He'll earn $62,500 for each week he's on the 46-man gameday roster. That's a possible total of $1 million if he is active for all 16 regular-season games.

As for the additional weigh-ins, Lacy has to be at 250 pounds or less in June and August. He'll be weighed on four separate occasions from September through December and has to be at or below 245 pounds to cash in on those bonuses.

Lacy weighed in at 253 pounds on Monday.

In March, Seahawks general manager John Schneider said he liked to use incentives in deals.

"Philosophically, I would tell you that any time you can incentivize somebody, I think it’s a good idea," he said. "Whether it’s sacks, interceptions, play time, weight. Anything you can do like that."

Lacy's one-year contract includes $2.865 million guaranteed. He can earn an additional $2.685 million through the incentives described.