Wilson better at home, but good on road

RENTON, Wash. -- Russell Wilson was the main topic of conversation Thursday as a Rule 5 draft pick of the Texas Rangers, something Wilson said caught him by surprise.

Statistically speaking, Wilson’s baseball numbers can’t compare with his football success. But here’s a look at the comparison, football only, between Wilson’s play at home compared to his games on the road.

If the goal is to win all your home games and break even on the road, Wilson has that mastered.

The chart, however, doesn’t reflect how well Wilson has played on the road this season. He’s 5-2 and has thrown 15 TD passes and only three interceptions.

Wilson’s one interception last weekend was a desperation deep pass at the end of the game when the Seahawks needed a big play to get in field goal range. Take out that play and he’s thrown only two interceptions in seven road games this year.