Golden Tate expects trash talking Sunday

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle receiver Golden Tate knows he isn’t the most popular guy in St. Louis. And he’s OK with that.

The Rams and their fans won’t soon forget Tate waving goodbye to defender Rodney McLeod as Tate raced down the sideline on an 80-yard touchdown, a taunting move that cost the Seahawks a 15-yard penalty in the 14-9 victory at St. Louis this season.

Now the Rams come to Seattle for the season finale hoping to put a damper in the Seahawks’ playoff plans. Seattle can clinch the NFC West title and home-field advantage in the playoffs with a victory Sunday.

And Tate knows there will be plenty of trash talking both ways.

“Since I’ve been here, they’ve been a chirpy group,” Tate said of the Rams. “And at times, we can be chirpy, too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. We respect each other, but it’s hard not to talk a little bit with all the emotion we’ll see out there."

Tate, however, says he learned his lesson in the Monday night game in St. Louis.

“You get in trouble when you act like me and start to wave or draw more attention to yourself,” Tate said Tuesday. “But it’s always a fun game with them. After the game, I make sure I go up to them and say, “We’re keeping it on the field. Much respect and stay healthy.’ That’s the end of it.”

But Tate, who will play Sunday with a sprained left thumb, figures to hear a lot from the Rams and say a lot back during the game.

“I’m a talker,’ Tate said. “As a receiver, it’s what I use every other play. We’re competing, and they are out there trying to give concussions and tear ACLs, so there’s going to be some chatter.

“But I’m going to keep it within the rules. I won’t be waving bye as I’m running by them. I’ll just score a touchdown and get back in the huddle and try to score another one. I’ll stay away from the penalties.”