Marshawn Lynch talks to reporters

RENTON, Wash. -- For the first time this season, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch decided to speak to reporters Friday afternoon after practice.

Lynch made a surprise appearance at a podium outside the locker room, and briefly, very briefly, answered a few questions.

How do you think the season has gone, Marshawn?

Lynch: "Gone pretty well."

How much does it help you to have the week off before your first playoff game?

Lynch: "Rest helps. It refreshes your body."

How do you feel about the upcoming playoffs?

Lynch: "I feel good. I like our chances."

What changed to get the running game going again last week?

Lynch: "It was just all of us coming together and playing the game."

How has practice been this week with the first-team offense going against the first-team defense.

Lynch: "We just took the approach of going all out against ourselves this week. When you get to practice against the best, it brings the best out of you."

You had a big game in the last home playoff game (the Beast Quake TD run against New Orleans in 2010). Do you see a big game for you next weekend?

Lynch: "I just hope to win, boss. Thank you. I appreciate it."

And with that, 1 minute, 23 seconds after it began, Lynch politely walked away. So why did he decide to speak to the media Friday? Probably because Lynch was in danger of being fined by the NFL if he didn't speak to reporters during the playoffs.