McShay sees a hidden talent in Norwood

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay sees a hidden asset Alabama wide receiver Kevin Norwood could bring the Seattle Seahawks' offense immediately.

Norwood (6-2, 200) was a fourth-round draft pick by the Seahawks.

"Norwood probably was at his best off script with [Alabama quarterback] AJ McCarron," McShay said. "If you look at Seattle and one area where they excel, it's when Russell Wilson gets outside the pocket and works off script.

"Norwood is a smart receiver who will be with a smart quarterback that likes to create things when the initial play breaks down. I think he's going to become a security blanket for Russell."

McShay doesn't see Norwood as a No. 1 receiver, or even a No. 2. But he does think Norwood is the right man for the Seahawks.

"He's a really smart guy who is ready to play in the league now and knows how to run routes," McShay said. "He's very, very consistent at catching the football."