Sound Off Saturday: Pick a punt returner

One of the biggest unknowns heading into training camp for the Seahawks is who will end up returning punts for the team this season. There are plenty of candidates vying for the job, which includes a few of Seattle's best players.

Some of the players fielding punts in the offseason workouts were free safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman, receivers Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin, and rookie receiver Paul Richardson.

Golden Tate did an excellent job returning punts for the Seahawks last season, averaging 11.5 yards per return, fifth best in the NFC and the fourth-best in team history.

It won't be easy to replace, but it appears the Seahawks coaches are willing to let some key players compete for it. Is it worth risking an injury to a Pro-Bowl caliber player?

Sound Off Saturday this weekend puts the choice in your hands. Who would you pick to return punts for the Seahawks this season? And you don't have to select any of the players listed above. If you think someone else is a better choice, pick him.

You also can vote on my Twitter page (TerryBlountESPN) under the hashtag #Seahawkspuntreturner.

I'll announce the results on Monday. Training came starts Friday. This is a battle everyone will want to watch as the preseason progresses.