Wilson, Thomas want to be legendary

RENTON, Wash. -- Russell Wilson said he and free safety Earl Thomas have an unusual goal.

“We talk about trying to be legendary in some way,” Wilson said Saturday.

Some Seahawks fans might say both players already have reached that status after winning the Super Bowl last season. But Wilson’s point is they push each other to be the best they can be.

“Earl and I, we have a connection that’s really good,” Wilson said after Day 2 of training camp. “We talk about football and talk about life.”

Wilson and Thomas also have a contest each day to see which man is the first one to arrive at the team facility and which is last to leave.

“We do things together because I think we feed off each other," Wilson said. “We want to be great players, great human beings and great leaders. So being around each other is a good thing.”

They spent more time together in the offseason, two men who want to make sure the Seahawks don’t get complacent about their success.

“We have something to protect now and we love that,” Thomas said. “All we focus on is getting better.”

Thomas entered the NFL two years before Wilson and has watched Wilson continue to improve.

“He’s a different guy now,” Thomas said of Wilson. “He’s more in control and he’s a great leader. I’m excited to see what he’s going to bring this season.”