Rivers won't ignore Sherman

RENTON, Wash. -- San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers has no plans to make Richard Sherman's side of the field a no-fly zone Sunday.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn't target Sherman one time in the 36-16 Seattle Seahawks victory last week, but Rivers plans to take a different approach against the Pro Bowl cornerback.

"Well, I certainly understand why," Rivers said of Rodgers' plan. "[Sherman] is a great corner. But at the same time, I think you have to be smart. It's not one of the deals that you want to go after him by any means. But our approach is not going to be to completely eliminate [Sherman] and not throw over there any."

The Las Vegas website www.bovada.lv has an over/under betting line on how many times Rivers will throw Sherman's way. The line is three.

Most of those decisions will be made by Rivers at the line of scrimmage, because the Chargers use a no-huddle offense and let Rivers adjust the play call based on the defensive formations he sees.

"I think it allows you to keep your eyes on the defense longer," Rivers said Wednesday on a conference call with Seahawks reporters. "And I think the pressure and the threat that we can go as fast as we want, keeps the defense having to be ready.

"The threat is always in play, and at the same time, we can take our time. It's just our team, our personnel and it's something that we're very comfortable with."