No trade was right decision for Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have decided to stick with what they’ve got. The trade deadline passed on Tuesday without the team making a deal.

And it was the right thing to do. I asked my Twitter followers Tuesday who they would like to see the Seahawks trade for before the deadline, also asking them to try to be realistic. And for the most part, everyone was, except my buddy Jayson Jenks at the Seattle Times.

He tweeted “J.J. Watt,” his little attempt at humor. And I replied, “Yes, said Glinda, Good Witch of the North.”

Anyway, most people suggested more realistic options, like bringing back defensive end Chris Clemons from Jacksonville, making a deal with the Chicago Bears for tight end Martellus Bennett to join with his brother Mike Bennett, or possibly making a deal for Tampa Bay wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

In the end, the Seahawks didn’t do any of those things. Sometimes, the best move is no move.

They still could add a player or two (the Seahawks cut receiver Phil Bates and tight end Brett Brackett Tuesday) to the roster, but they resisted the urge to give up something to bring in another player.

The Seahawks already have given up too many draft choices from the bad deal for Percy Harvin. Giving away more for a veteran who might help (I stress might) down the stretch wasn’t a good option. And adding to the payroll when a big contract is coming next year for Russell Wilson is a bad idea.

The team has two things working in its favor to convince them not to make a trade:

  • The young players are gaining experience and starting to make a major contribution.

  • Some veterans who are out with injuries will return soon.

Nickel cornerback Jeremy Lane will return next week for the New York Giants game. Starting cornerback Byron Maxwell and center Max Unger will be back soon, possibly this weekend.

Tight end Zach Miller and middle linebacker Bobby Wagner are out longer, but both men could be back for the stretch run.

In the meantime, the Seahawks have seen some young players step up -- rookie receivers Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood, cornerbacks Tharold Simon and Marcus Burley, and rookie linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis, to name a few. Backup tight end Luke Willson caught the game-winning TD at Carolina on Sunday.

“A lot of young guys have come through and done a really nice job,’’ Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “It’s really fallen into the formula that we’ve always looked to -- you play your young guys early and by mid-season they’re playing like regulars.“

"As we turn the corner here, game eight, we will have a lot of young guys that have played. They’ve been called on to play front-line stuff and so as we go down the stretch, they will be a big factor in helping us.”

Being baited into the thought of a quick fix was not what the Seahawks needed to do. They believe in their young players and they know some key veterans are coming back when it matters the most.