Q&A: LSU Tigers quarterback Anthony Jennings

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Anthony Jennings was still the presumed leader in LSU’s quarterback competition when the Tigers broke for spring break at the end of the last week.

After one of the Tigers’ practices last week, Jennings chatted with ESPN.com about spring practice, the development of his receivers and his own progression since his first season as a starter.

Here is what Jennings had to say:

Can you break down spring practice so far?

It’s been up and down. I feel like I’m getting better each and every day, though. Obviously I’ve had some good practices under my belt, and I just want to keep building on those and getting better each and every day. It’s never good enough.

Coach [Les] Miles said you had a bunch of touchdown passes in last Saturday’s scrimmage.

Yeah, I had a couple. I just want to continue to build on my performance. I missed some throws, too. I just have to continue making those throws that I made and working on the little things that I could have done better on that play. And look at the ones that I did miss and see what I could have done better.

D.J. Chark has been the talk of a lot of these scrimmages. How has he progressed since he was a freshman?

I think that he always had the talent. It was never about talent. I think he’s coming into his own and continually getting better. I think his confidence is growing and he’s learning the offense in and out. Knowing what you can do is going to make you faster on the field, makes you play better. So I think he’s doing his thing and studying his playbook and all that leads to the confidence that we’re seeing.

Your position would probably be the hardest to come in as a true freshman and be a good player. No. 2 might be receiver. You have a bunch of guys like D.J., like Malachi Dupre and Trey Quinn, who are entering Year 2. What are you seeing out of those guys?

Those guys, they played a lot last year, but those guys are making leaps and bounds just like D.J. They were freshmen coming in, too, and they didn’t know what to expect just like any other freshman. I think the freshman-to-sophomore gap is pretty huge. So for those guys, obviously they’re coming in and working and getting better.

A lot of times you do hear Year 2 is where they make the biggest strides. You agree with that, I guess?

Yeah, definitely. I think that obviously they’re taking advantage of it. Malachi’s definitely getting better. Trey Quinn is definitely getting better out there. And I think D.J. has been the highlight, no doubt.

What about the offense in general? You guys have been together, pretty much, as a unit for a solid year. Do you feel some confidence building about what you’ve been able to do in practice?

Definitely. I think we’re coming in and being more in sync than we were last year. Getting more work together with the guys -- knowing when a guy’s going to cut or what they’re going to do. It’s good for quarterbacks because we know where a guy’s going to be now. I’m not saying we didn’t last year, but the rhythm and timing is better than what it was. I think it’s ultimately going to help us and going to help the team.

How are you a different player from when we would have spoken at this time a year ago?

I think it’s my mindset. My mindset’s different. I feel like I have to play better. I think that I know the offense. Knowing what you have to do is going to translate on the field because it helps you play faster, helps you play better. Having these guys around me continue to pick me up, continue to push me along, those guys continue to help me.