Players describe new SEC coordinators in one word

HOOVER, Ala. -- There’s only one head coach set to make his SEC debut this season, but with six new offensive coordinators and seven new defensive coordinators, there will still be plenty of fresh faces on the sideline this fall.

As a quick way to get to know the rookie coordinators, we asked players to describe their coach in one word.

Offensive coordinator Dan Enos, Arkansas


"He never has a bad day. Since I’ve been around him, he’s been upbeat. He sometimes comes in and works out with us at our 5 a.m. lifts, and so he’s an energetic guy. He’s definitely a guy you want to play for." -- Quarterback Brandon Allen

Defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, Auburn


"He’s intense. You hear a lot more yelling. Coach [Ellis] Johnson was more laid-back, told you how he wanted it done, and you just do it. Coach Muschamp’s intense. He’s going to make sure he gets it, and that’s great." -- Cornerback Jonathan Jones

Offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier, Florida


"The way he runs his plays, he runs it based off his personnel and who he has in the game instead of just saying ‘oh run this and see if it works.’ He basically runs his offense off his personnel and everything that he has, and I think that will benefit [us] a lot." -- Wide receiver Brandon Powell

Defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, Florida


"He’s hyped, man. He’s always hollering. Not like hollering at you, but hollering, trying to get everybody juiced up to practice and go hard. He’s got the little juice station he calls it and stuff like that, so I would label him hyped." -- Defensive lineman Jonathan Bullard

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Georgia


"You can see that he has a clear understanding of everything that’s going on. From the NFL aspect of it to college football, he definitely knows how to intertwine the two and create a system that will meet and take our college offense to the next level." -- Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, Kentucky


"He’s “Joe Cool.” I love being around him. He’s a funny dude. He knows that what he’s got is going to be successful, he trusts us, and he knows how to get the best out of his players. I love being coached by him. He’s a great guy." -- Offensive tackle Jordan Swindle

Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele, LSU


"He does everything from a professional standpoint. He treats us professionally. Every time I mess up a play at practice, he’s like, ‘you’ve got to practice like a pro, you’ve got to be a pro, practice like a professional.’ And that’s all he’ll tell me. He won’t tell me anything else. Just practice like a professional. I guess he means play every play and do everything right, on and off the field." -- Linebacker Kendell Beckwith

Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, Mississippi State


"He’s a pretty laid-back guy, but he can bring the tone up. He’s definitely a good coach. As far as everything, he treats us like professionals or grown men. He wants us to go out there and do what we’re supposed to do. So if he has to raise his tone to get his point across, he definitely can do that, but overall I think he’s a pretty laid-back guy." -- Cornerback Taveze Calhoun

Defensive coordinator Barry Odom, Missouri


"Compared to our defense last year, I would say our scheme stayed the same, but he definitely brought in a lot of man coverage, and we’re down in guys’ faces more this year. I definitely see that being a weapon we could use to try to put pressure on offenses and try to create more turnovers. -- Cornerback Kenya Dennis

Defensive coordinator Jon Hoke, South Carolina


"He’s strictly business. He’s not a dude that’s going to yell at you. He’ll pull you aside, tell you what you need to do to get it done, or else he’ll sit you down. But he’s very meticulous, a very business-oriented dude. You can just tell he came from the NFL." -- Linebacker Skai Moore

Offensive coordinator Mike DeBord, Tennessee


"Just wealth from his knowledge on and off the field. He’s been a lot of places. He’s seen a lot of things. He’s seen a lot of great players play the game. So just having that wealth of knowledge around you and being able to interact with it every day is definitely awesome." -- Quarterback Joshua Dobbs

Defensive coordinator John Chavis, Texas A&M


"The first day he sat us down, and he told us if you do all the weight-lifting, if you do all the 7-on-7s, if you practice and if you do all the stuff to try and win a championship, you can win one. Don’t be scared to say championship." -- Defensive lineman Julien Obioha

Offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig, Vanderbilt


"All I know is that he loves football. He is all about football. And I obviously love that being a player and seeing that. He’s all about it, and that’s what he wants to do all day, every day." -- Center Spencer Pulley