Latest on tweaking the SEC schedule

During my travels around the league this spring, I've had several administrators at schools tell me they didn't see any way the SEC schedule would be changed next season in order to give Alabama some relief from having to face six teams coming off byes.

Two different athletic directors told me they flatly refused to move games.

Nonetheless, SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom says the league has not closed the door on being able to make a couple of changes for the 2010 season and is still exploring different scenarios.

Because of the situation with Alabama, the league is also looking at the 2011 schedule and future schedules to make sure there are no more instances where one team has to face an inordinate amount of teams coming off bye weeks.

But the reception of schools being asked to move games next season has generally been something along the lines of, "Alabama is coming off a national championship. Why would I change my schedule to accommodate them?"