SEC overreactions: Derrick Henry's march toward history, Jeremy Johnson bubble bursts

Derrick Henry carried the ball 13 times for 147 yards and three touchdowns against Wisconsin. He averaged 11.3 yards per carry. Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Remember Kenny Trill? Of course you do.

The SEC got Rick-rolled by Texas A&M's Kenny Hill last season. In the SEC opener against South Carolina, the then-unknown quarterback passed for 511 yards and three touchdowns, and became an instant Heisman Trophy favorite, complete with a trademarked nickname: Kenny Trill.

It was nothing but a bait-and-switch, though. A few weeks later, Hill threw three interceptions against Mississippi State, and three weeks after that, he was suspended and lost the starting job. Now he's not even wearing an Aggie uniform.

Such is the danger of overreacting to the early part of the season.

But, hey, that's what we're here for.

So let's throw some more conjecture at the wall and see what sticks. It's time for our sure-to-fail Week 1 overreactions.

  • Jeremy Johnson is a bust: We were sold a bill of goods! For two years, we heard how Auburn had a backup quarterback with even better potential than its then-starter Nick Marshall. He was supposed to be a better fit in coach Gus Malzahn's offense, opening doors to other dimensions of scoring. He was supposed to be named Jeremy Johnson. But then the junior went out and laid an egg against a Louisville defense that returned only four starters. He threw three spectacularly bad interceptions, and that total could have been higher. It looked as if he couldn't read a defense, which is essentially the No. 1 job requirement. So throw the guy overboard! He'll light up Jacksonville State this weekend, to be sure, but the following week when he and Auburn travel to LSU, it's going to get ugly. If he thought facing Louisville at a neutral site was bad, try that Tiger secondary in Death Valley.

  • Derrick Henry is the best Alabama running back of all time: I mean, he's got the best nickname of any Alabama running back ever, right? That's got to count for something. "El Tractorcito" is just too good and too fitting considering the way the 6-foot-3, 243-pound athlete barrels downhill. You can't tackle him. Just ask Wisconsin. The Badgers' always solid run defense was helpless against Henry, who racked up 147 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. If he keeps up his current pace and Alabama wins the SEC and national championship (we're overreacting here, remember?) he'll rush for 2,205 yards and 45 touchdowns this season. You don't need to look it up, those would both obliterate Alabama's current records.

  • Not even Mother Nature wants to watch LSU's passing game: Eight months was not enough time to get over just how bad LSU's passing game was last season. So Mother Nature intervened. She saw the start of the McNeese State game -- Brandon Harris: 1-for-2 for -4 yards -- and threw a couple lightning bolts down, stopping and eventually canceling the game. Maybe next week, fellas.

  • Star quarterbacks abound: Ole Miss newbie Chad Kelly looked like he had a rifle attached to his right arm. Greyson Lambert seemed capable of leading Georgia to a national championship. Even Brandon Allen looked like a new man for Arkansas, throwing four first-half touchdowns. You want to know how much quarterback momentum there was on Saturday? Treon Harris and Will Grier both looked like great options for Florida. You thought the SEC had a QB problem? Problem solved! Oh, wait, you want to know who they played? Don't worry about that right now! You play the team in front of you, even if that team is a delicious cupcake with magic fairy dust instead of cream cheese frosting.

  • John Chavis is the best money ever spent: All it took was a cool $1 million to lure the defensive coordinator away from LSU. But that's chump change for Texas A&M. They spent more than $400 million on a stadium renovation, for goodness sake. What's the point of playing in a new Kyle Field if it comes with the same old terrible defense? So they brought the Chief on board, and boy has it paid off. A year ago, the Aggies would have lost in a spectacular shootout against Arizona State. This time around Chavis worked his magic and they held the Sun Devils to less than 200 yards passing, thanks to a tandem of pass-rushers (Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall) that could be the best in the league.