Largest video board in college football will debut Saturday at Auburn

Auburn’s new video board, the largest in college football, will debut this Saturday for the game against Jacksonville State, and fans might be more excited about seeing the video board than the game itself.

Here’s everything you need to know about the video board.

By the numbers

  • The new video board weighs roughly 50 tons (100,000 pounds). That’s the same weight as a fully-loaded Boeing 747 airplane. The average car weighs 2 tons, which means the video board weighs the same as 25 cars.

  • The actual video display on the new video board is 10,830 square feet (190 x 57). Roughly 722 65-inch TVs could fit on the new video board.

  • Texas A&M has the second-largest video board in college football at 7,661 square feet.

  • There are 7,426 LED modules on the Auburn video board.

  • The new sound system, which sits stop the new video board, is larger than the old video board.

  • The cost of the entire project was $13.9 million. The cost of the video board alone was $3.5 million.

Visible from space?

When Auburn was testing its new video board last month, you could see a variety of colors light up the night sky. Blues, oranges, greens, reds. It probably felt like seeing the Aurora Lights for those who live in and around the city.

That gave Auburn an idea. Why not see if the new video board, when turned on, could be seen from space? It wasn’t crazy. So the athletics department reached out to astronaut Scott Kelly, the operations branch chief on the International Space Station.

No word back yet from Kelly, who just so happens to be a Tennessee graduate. Maybe he’s waiting until Auburn's first home night game.


“We’ve got the largest video board in college football. 10,000 square feet. It’s almost a quarter of an acre of a screen up there. 800 tons of steel. About 40,000 bolts. It’s a big deal.” – Auburn AD Jay Jacobs

“We went over there three times (in fall camp). We just had it on a still-shot the first time. The second time, we had it as if it was a live game. The third time, we had the sound on. We just have to get used to it. It’s a factor the first time you play with it.” – Auburn coach Gus Malzahn

"I think it'll definitely be interesting watching other kickers trying to look up at that big video board and pick out a target. It's been nice being able to get a couple of practices in there. I'll be more used to it than anybody.” – Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson

Sneak peek

Auburn plans to unveil the new video board Saturday at 10:30 a.m. CT, 30 minutes before the Tigers kick off against Jacksonville State. For now, here’s a glimpse of what the fans will see when it’s turned on.