12-pound hot dog is just one of the crazy things at the new Kyle Field

Sam Khan Jr. / ESPN

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- If you've heard it once, you've heard it at least a dozen times: Everything is bigger in Texas.

At Texas A&M that extends to the football stadium and the hot dogs.

The school unveiled the pristine new Kyle Field on Thursday, the result of a $485 million redevelopment project that began on Nov. 9, 2013, and will conclude on Saturday when the Aggies host Ball State in the new 102,733-seat facility.

The Aggies have the biggest stadium in the SEC and, apparently, the biggest hot dog to go with it. The "Aggie Dog" is a 4-foot long, 12-pound hot dog that's one of the numerous new food items you can find at Kyle Field. Other items include chicken fried hot dogs, chicken fried chopped steak burgers, bacon bleu cheese fries and buffalo bleu cheese fries.

While the food is fun, it's not the main attraction. The Aggies' new stadium is a college football palace. Here are a few pictures from each side of the stadium:

The gem sits on the 200 level in the form of 12 "Founders suites." The suites, which seat 20 and are 960 square feet apiece, go for an estimated $12-15 million for a 20-year lease. And all 12 are sold out. The "Legacy suites" and "Legacy club" areas are impressive also: There's a "Hall of Champions" when guests make their way through the main entrance on Kyle Field's west side: A spacious press box now resides on the east side of the stadium (it was moved from the west side): The outside views give spectators a sense at how massive a facility this is. In the redevelopment, the field was dropped 10 feet, seats were moved closer to the field and canopies were added on each side to help trap noise in the facility. The completion of new Kyle Field puts the Aggies at more than a half-billion dollars spent on football facilities since 2012. In addition to the stadium ($485 million), Texas A&M built a new football-only weight room ($9 million), a $12 million nutrition center that serves as a cafeteria for student-athletes from all sports, a $4 million lobby renovation of the Bright Football Complex, where the team is headquartered, plus a $16 million renovation of the locker rooms, training facilities and coaches' offices inside of Bright. All in all, the Aggies spent approximately $526 million over the past three years.