What we'll see in the SEC: Disruption in the Earth's rotation

Can other conferences challenge the SEC in college football? (1:05)

Trevor Matich explains why the other conferences in college football can't match the SEC's level of play. (1:05)

SEC fans didn't see a lot that they liked last weekend, especially if you lived in, oh I don't know, Arkansas, Tennessee or on the Plains at Auburn.

The SEC is hurting, but it isn't gone, and this weekend figures to be a big one for the league.


What we want to see: Jake Coker needs to find some comfort against this incredibly talented defense. He wasn't always on point against Middle Tennessee State. Also, that secondary needs to use a lot more discipline against Ole Miss' air raid.

What we'll see: Derrick Henry and Robert Nkemdiche collide many times this weekend, but one late hit in the fourth quarter will emit so much power that the Earth's rotation will slow for a nanosecond. So put down the hot liquids during this game.


What we want to see: Some physical play up front. The Razorbacks' offensive line was pushed around and bullied by Toledo last week and the defensive line got no push, resulting in zero sacks for Arkansas. Get tough.

What we'll see: A passing shootout with Texas Tech. I don't know if the Hogs have totally lost their running identity or not, but at least Brandon Allen is picking up the slack. Even without Keon Hatcher, Allen will hit 300 yards for the third straight game.


What we want to see: The offensive identity that made coach Gus Malzahn's offenses so potent. No, Jeremy Johnson doesn't run like Nick Marshall, but that doesn't mean the Tigers can't run. This pass-heavy offense isn't working.

What we'll see: More defensive buy-in. The Tigers know their backs are firmly against the wall and now they have to face Leonard Fournette. Any more defensive sputtering and coordinator Will Muschamp might spontaneously combust.


What we want to see: No more throat slashes! Also, some more discipline by this secondary. Yes, East Carolina threw the ball a lot and Florida was down key players, but Kentucky can chuck it around and the secondary needs to force turnovers and take Patrick Towles out of this one.

What we'll see: The real emergence of a passing game. We just have a feeling about this game. Florida is going to open things up even more and make some big plays against a pass defense allowing 6.7 yards per attempt.


What we want to see: Greyson Lambert is a veteran quarterback, right? Well, we'd like to see you play like it in a big game like this. Last week, the passing game was un-watchable in the first half.

What we'll see: A lot of points from the Bulldogs. Led by Nick Chubb's mutant strength and Sony Michel's electrifying agility, the Bulldogs will lead a lethal, touchdown-generating tirade against South Carolina.


What we want to see: What we don't want to see is another second-half letdown. Thanks to suffering offensive and defensive play, the Wildcats have blown back-to-back 24-7 halftime leads.

What we'll see: A rough time for both lines against the Gators. Inexperience along the defensive line will give Florida's quarterbacks time, and the offensive line will have a long night with Florida's front.


What we want to see: More throwing from Brandon Harris. He attempted just one pass against Mississippi State in the fourth quarter last week. He's confident and capable of lighting this Auburn secondary up.

What we'll see: Fournette will willingly drag an Auburn defender into the end zone on a hellacious touchdown run. It'll resemble an out-of-body experience in which Fournette will have zero recollection.


What we want to see: A faster first-half start. The Bulldogs have scored just 17 points in the first half thus far and have looked very out of sync offensively in the process.

What we'll see: They might call the game early because of the havoc this defensive line is going to generate. This group transformed last week and will literally devour Northwestern State's offensive line.


What we want to see: How about some bite? This team just hasn't shown much of an edge at all through the first two weekends and that has resulted in some sluggish wins.

What we'll see: Seventeen tackles by Kentrell Brothers. He's posted back-to-back 16-tackle performances and Connecticut will play victim to 17 on Saturday.


What we want to see: A power running game is essential to an Ole Miss win. Who is the between-the-tackles runner? Who will the Rebels go to on third-and-short? You can't beat Alabama without tough running.

What we'll see: Despite the cataclysmic collision between Nkemdiche and Henry, Chad Kelly will finish the game with three passing touchdowns on Bama's defense.


What we want to see: Four quarters of complete football. South Carolina could have beaten Kentucky with a much better first half. If you're going to beat Georgia, you'll need to do it with two halves of more than solid play.

What we'll see: A lot of visor abuse. The Head Ball Coach might not toss it a ton, but he'll pull and pick it disapprovingly, bending it all out of shape through what figures to be a long evening in Athens.


What we want to see: A focused team. Last week's heartbreaking loss to Oklahoma left the Vols beaten and broken. That can't seep into this week's matchup with over-matched Western Carolina.

What we'll see: Nearly 400 rushing yards. Western Carolina is allowing 220 yards rushing yards at the FCS level. Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara will have an absolute field day with the Catamounts. First one to 200 yards wins!


What we want to see: More defensive building. The Aggies are off to a much better defensive star this season, so just keep it going against Nevada. There's no need to revert back to the bad days of old.

What we'll see: Christian Kirk will do something disgustingly un-human Saturday. Whether it's on a return, a pass or a reverse of some sort, he will leave many mouths agape at Kyle Field.


What we want to see: A comfortable Johnny McCrary. He showed flashes against Georgia, but he also showed that he's more likely to throw it to the other team in pressure situations. Not gonna cut it.

What we'll see: Vandy's first win of the season. Yes, the Commodores are playing lowly Austin Peay, but you have to start somewhere. A win, no matter how big or small, does a lot for any team that starts 0-2.