The SEC is still shrouded in mystery

Tommy Lee Jones' character Agent K from the 1997 sci-fi blockbuster "Men in Black" had an excellent series of lines that perfectly sums up the state of the SEC.

"A month ago, everybody knew Auburn would win the SEC. Two weeks ago, everybody knew Alabama was finished, and 48 hours ago, everybody knew Ole Miss was the best team in the SEC."

OK, so maybe he didn't say it exactly like that, but you get the point.

For the most part, everything we thought we knew about this league has been turned on its head. Through five weeks, it's obvious that, like college football in general, the SEC lacks a dominant team and is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Saturday's flexing of alligator arms and puffing of crimson chests showed us that things will continue to change in this league, even when we think we have things figured out.

And that's OK, because as LSU coach Les Miles told my esteemed colleague Heather Dinich late Saturday night, "The early leader makes no sense." With all the questions and surprises that have emerged, we really don't know who's who in the SEC.

Case in point, here are the undefeated SEC teams we all saw coming heading into Week 6: Florida (5-0), LSU (4-0) and Texas A&M (5-0). By the way, all three are ranked in the top 11 of the AP poll. The the Aggies even have a first-place vote!

We now care about Florida-Missouri. Georgia-Tennessee has even more appeal. Ole Miss-Texas A&M could have a do-or-die feel to it in a couple weeks. And who knows if Alabama-LSU will even mean anything in November?

OK, again, maybe that last one was a stretch, but the 2015 SEC is teaching us to forecast nothing.

Here's what we can confidently say we know: Alabama ain't dead, but neither is the big-game ghost haunting poor Georgia. Florida is suddenly a legit contender in the SEC Eastern Division. Ole Miss needs a power running game. Auburn fooled just about all of us. Texas A&M does have some defensive life. Leonard Fournette isn't human.

We also know that joining Auburn in the deep end of the disappointment pool are Arkansas and Tennessee, who both sit at 2-3 after all the preseason hype that mounted both inside and outside each program.

But here's some of what we don't know.

Is Florida for real, for real after trouncing Ole Miss 38-10? Is Florida the team we've seen the last five quarters (52 points and 500 yards) -- which appears to finally have a serviceable offense and quarterback to complement that terrific defense -- or the team that scored 14 against Kentucky?

Alabama completely dismantled Georgia in every area of the game on Saturday, but will that become the norm? Are we absolutely sure quarterback Jake Coker is ready for a run through the SEC? Will that secondary make Saturday's ferocious display a habit? What happens when the Tide faces a mobile quarterback?

LSU has Fournette, and he's amazing, but what happens when LSU has to throw the ball? Brandon Harris was 4 of 15 for 80 yards, with an interception, against Eastern Michigan on Saturday. And let's be real, LSU's only test this season came in that close win over Mississippi State.

Texas A&M might have shown us the most of any SEC team, considering it's beaten ranked Arizona State -- which just upset Pac-12 favorite UCLA on the road -- and outmuscled a tough Mississippi State team Saturday. However, our instincts tell us to be cautious with this bend-don't-break defense after the 2014 debacle.

While pollsters felt it necessary to send both Ole Miss and Georgia plummeting 11 spots in the AP rankings, there's no way we're eliminating them from the SEC race, right? They both have glaring issues, but their overall talent is undeniable. And while it's hard to trust Missouri's offense, if Drew Lock takes Maty Mauk's spot at quarterback, do we give the Tigers a chance at three-peating in the East?

This Saturday's slate of games will likely bring even more questions, which is exciting because we've barely tapped the surface of a season that's been incredibly riveting thus far. With a handful of compelling games remaining, there will be even more emotions and suspicions to sift through in the coming weeks before we really get a grasp on this league.

Imagine what we'll know in November.