Auburn student manager pulls off perfect proposal using giant play card

Clint Crumpton thought about proposing to his fiancée, Emma Miller, on Auburn’s campus at Samford Lawn. It was where he took her after their first date, so it has a special meaning to the couple. And it is a common place for proposals at Auburn. It's a beautiful area.

But Crumpton wanted the proposal to be unique.

He’s a student manager for the football team who holds up the play cards during games to signal in plays for the offense. Football was how he met Miller, a student athletic trainer for three seasons. So what better place to propose than on the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium? And what better way to do it than by holding up one of those giant play cards?

“I thought it was the sweetest and most creative and perfect proposal because it was so us,” Miller said. “We met working for the team, and we shared so many special memories on the field together. So it was just something that was special for us.”

Mission accomplished. And she said yes, by the way. But as is the case with many proposals, there were a few hiccups along the way.

“I had noticed that Clint had started acting a little bit funny,” Miller joked. “But I didn’t think much of it because he stresses out about things really easy, so I didn’t really correlate that to the proposal.”

The plan was to have Miller and her family arrive at the stadium early. Crumpton would be waiting down at the gate to sneak her onto the field so they could take a quick photo that his mother wanted for a Christmas gift.

Sounds believable, right?

The photographer, Jake Evans, was in place, and once he snapped the photo, he called Miller over to come look at it. Then when Miller turned back around, there was Crumpton holding up the play card with a picture of him in the top right corner, a picture of her in the top left, a picture of the ring in the bottom left, and finally a question mark in the bottom right.

Miller says she almost turned around before Crumpton could get the sign up, but Evans made sure she didn’t ruin the surprise.

“While I had Emma's attention, she asked, ‘Do you need to take any more pictures?’” Evans recalled. “I replied with, ‘Uh yeah, you could say that. Take a look at Clint.’ We executed the play perfectly and Clint got his girl.”

At the end of the day, Crumpton pulled off a proposal that has probably never been done before. And it didn’t take long before it went viral.

“We never intended for that to happen,” Crumpton said. “It’s been an amazing weekend, but it’s been a pretty crazy weekend. We had just a huge outpouring from friends and family and everything. It’s been great.”

The couple plans to get married next summer.