Untouchable SEC rivalries

Let’s say for the sake of argument that the SEC will be expanding and adding a few teams.

It’s pretty obvious that the expansion scenarios seem to be changing by the hour.

But if the SEC does welcome in more teams, that means there could be some realignment within the two divisions, which means some longstanding rivalries could potentially be in jeopardy.

When the SEC expanded in 1992 and split into divisions, one of the downfalls was losing yearly rivalries such as Auburn vs. Tennessee and Auburn vs. Florida.

So as we look to the future, here’s my list of 10 rivalries in the SEC that are absolutely untouchable. They’re listed from most untouchable to least untouchable:

1. Alabama vs. Auburn: The Iron Bowl is the measuring stick for all rivalries.

2. Florida vs. Georgia: The catchy nickname is no longer politically correct, but still …

3. Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss: It’s safe to say that Dan Mullen has spiced up the Egg Bowl.

4. Alabama vs. Tennessee: The Third Saturday in October (or even the fourth Saturday) is one of those games that defines the SEC.

5. Alabama vs. LSU: There have been so many epic games between these two old foes that they run into each other.

6. Auburn vs. Georgia: The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has been played every year that didn’t conflict with a world war since 1892.

7. Georgia vs. Tennessee: Herschel Walker introduced himself to the college football world in this rivalry, which picked up steam when the SEC went to divisional play.

8. LSU vs. Ole Miss: There was a certain punt return on Halloween night a half century ago that still resonates when these two teams get together.

9. Florida vs. Tennessee: In the 1990s, this was one of the hottest rivalries in the country, even though the Gators have dominated.

10. Georgia vs. South Carolina: These two border rivals were going at it even before the Gamecocks joined the SEC.