Counting down the most iconic SEC plays of the past decade: Nos. 6-10

Cam Newton's 49-yard touchdown run against LSU helped propel Auburn to an 8-0 record and an eventual national title. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Think back over the past decade of SEC football. What are the plays that defined those 10 years?

Where do Auburn's Kick-Six and Prayer at Jordan-Hare rank on the list? What about Matt Flynn's last-second touchdown pass to Demetrius Byrd to give eventual BCS champion LSU a win over Auburn in 2007? Or any assortment of highlight-reel plays by Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow and Cam Newton?

Our SEC writers put their heads together and came up with a list of the 25 most iconic plays in the past decade of SEC football. On Monday, we looked at plays 25-21, plays 16-20 went Tuesday and plays 11-15 on Wednesday. Today, we continue the series with plays 6-10.

6. Terrence Cody blocked field goal versus Tennessee in 2009: Lane Kiffin's one and only game versus Alabama as Tennessee's head coach was one that ended in high drama and almost derailed the Crimson Tide's national title hopes. Alabama led 12-3 with fewer than four minutes remaining but a Mark Ingram fumble, a Jonathan Crompton-to-Gerald Jones touchdown and a Tennessee onside kick recovery quickly changed the tone. With four seconds left and Alabama clinging to a 12-10 lead, Vols kicker Daniel Lincoln lined up for a 44-yard field goal. Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody -- aptly nicknamed "Mount Cody" -- had already blocked one Lincoln attempt earlier in the fourth quarter. When Lincoln connected, Cody notched his second block, this time with his left hand, to secure the win. Bryant-Denny Stadium erupted and the Crimson Tide went on to win the national title later that season with a pristine 14-0 record.

7. Johnny Manziel's "Oh my gracious" TD pass versus Alabama in 2012: Manziel's Heisman Trophy season was one of wonder. He came out of nowhere to put together one of the most dazzling seasons ever seen in college football history. The climax was Manziel's effort in Texas A&M's 29-24 upset of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 10, 2012. That afternoon, Manziel befuddled the Crimson Tide and could seemingly do no wrong, even on this particular play when he ran into a teammate (right tackle Jake Matthews) while trying to scramble and lost the ball in the air. Manziel didn't fumble and instead caught the ball, evaded a sack, spun out to his left then fired a bullet to a wide open Ryan Swope in the back of the end zone for a 10-yard touchdown and a 14-0 first-quarter lead. The display prompted CBS play-by-play man Verne Lundquist to yell "Oh my gracious! How about that!?!"

8. Michael Dyer's down -- or not -- versus Oregon in the BCS title game: It doesn't get much bigger than making a big play late in the game with a national title hanging in the balance. Auburn running back Michael Dyer did that after taking a handoff and being tackled by Oregon's Eddie Pleasant after about a 6-yard gain, except Dyer's body did not hit the ground, instead rolling on top of and then off of Pleasant's. He quickly sprang up and started to run, paused briefly when everyone else stopped, then realized the play was still alive and took off for what turned out to be a 37-yard run. That put the Tigers at the Oregon 23-yard line with just under two minutes left, they eventually milked the remaining clock and ended the game with a winning 19-yard Wes Byrum field goal to secure the national title.

9. Arkansas' fourth-and-25 conversion versus Ole Miss in 2015: This one is recent but the craziness of the play and the impact it had beyond the Razorbacks and Rebels gives it a spot in the top 10. In overtime, the Hogs trailed by a touchdown and were down to their final, terribly unlikely chance needing to convert a fourth-and-25. Brandon Allen launched a 15-yard completion to Hunter Henry on the right sideline. Henry, while being tackled, flung the ball back in the air behind the original line of scrimmage where it bounced and running back Alex Collins picked it up. From there, Collins picked up blockers and covered 30 yards to get to the Ole Miss 11 and, miraculously, a first down. Two plays later, Allen hit Drew Morgan for a touchdown pass then rushed for a two-point conversion and the 53-52 win. The loss meant Ole Miss no longer controlled its own destiny in the SEC West title race and opened the door for Alabama -- which lost to Ole Miss earlier in the year -- to win the division, which it did, paving the way for an eventual Crimson Tide national championship.

10. Cam Newton's 49-yard touchdown run versus LSU in 2010: If there was one play that encapsulated Cam Newton's dominance in Auburn's 2010 title season, it was this one. Locked in a 10-10 tie with LSU early in the third quarter, Newton took a shotgun snap, ran up the middle through traffic, made one LSU defender miss at the 40, kept his balance, juked to evade another defender at the 35, yet another at the 27, then accelerated away from Patrick Peterson, who did catch him but not before Newton crossed the goal line with the football. After hitting the turf in the end zone, Newton quickly stood up tall and just stared as if to say "You can't stop me," while Jordan-Hare Stadium went bananas. A 6-foot-6, 250-pound quarterback running like that just seemed unfair.