Where SEC coaches should go for their own satellite camps

Satellite camps are back in the news. These "guest staff" camps allow coaching staffs to travel outside of their respective campuses to "coach" with high school staffs for glorified recruiting sessions in different parts of the country (mainly the southeast).

Currently, the SEC and ACC don't participate in satellite camps. Last May, the SEC proposed legislation that would eliminate head coaches nationally from participating in them. That proposal will be voted on at this week's NCAA’s Division I council meetings in Indianapolis, and if it doesn't pass, the SEC's ban on satellite camp participation will be lifted on May 29.

So with SEC coaches assuming their proposal will fail, they're gearing up to follow in the footsteps of Jim Harbaugh (shirt optional as well?) by finally participating in the satellite camp circuit.

“I know there are a number of SEC programs that are set and ready to go if it happens," Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin told ESPN's Jeremy Crabtree. "We will have satellite camps outside of the state. We’re ready to go. They’re already on the calendar.”

And the SEC absolutely should.

Play. The. Game.

I know change is scary, but take full advantage of this possible diamond being handed to you. In recruiting, you either change tactics or get left behind. Don't be the old curmudgeons, SEC. Get with the times and have fun with it.

So with the SEC most likely taking its show on the road this summer, here are the key spots each SEC coach should hit:


Los Angeles: Nick Saban in Hollywood? That's a no-brainer. Saban doesn't need more help recruiting, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind adding a bit more West Coast flavor to his roster. Plus, who's going to play Darkseid in the "Justice League" movies?

Atlanta: It's only a few hours from Tuscaloosa, and there's a ton of talent in and around the Atlanta area. This is Georgia's nightmare, but no hard feelings, Kirby Smart.


Dallas: Of course Bret Bielema wants to do this and he'd have more fun than anyone participating. What better place to kick things off than in Dallas, where Bielema can yuck it up with some of Texas' finest?

IMG Academy, Bradenton, Florida: After Harbaugh took his football team down there for spring break practices, Bielema floated the idea of going himself. He would love to tap more into that Florida market, too.


Atlanta: Absolutely the first place Gus Malzahn heads. It's only an hour and a half away and Malzahn already knows the area. I hear some pretty solid quarterbacks come from around these parts.

Miami: This offensive mind getting to talk to some of the fastest players? Stop giggling, Gus.


Miami: The good news for Jim McElwain is he doesn't have to go very far, and the Gators desperately need more of an influence in South Florida. No thinking, just go.

Atlanta: It's only four and a half hours away and the talent right in UGA's backyard is booming.


Miami: Great talent, yes. Great weather, yes. Getting to say hello to Mark Richt, oh yeah.

Birmingham: Atlanta is a given, so I'm thinking outside the box. Kirby Smart gets back to the comforts of Alabama to work with some of the top talent the state has to offer (and Saban wants locked up).


Columbus, Ohio: Mark Stoops understands how important a state Ohio is. It's essentially a home state for Kentucky in recruiting.

Virginia Beach, Virginia: There is a ton of sneaky good talent here, and it would give Stoops a chance to broaden Kentucky's recruiting net in a very fertile area.


Dallas/Houston: Les Miles isn't a fan of satellite camps. But if he has to conform, he might as well go down the road where a ton of Texas talent will be.

Miami: The Hat on South Beach.


Memphis: It's a good place to find some gems and it's right in Ole Miss' backyard. Poke. The. Bear(s)!

New Orleans: It's not a very far drive, and Dan Mullen would love to sink his teeth into Louisiana's recruiting market.


St. Louis: Has to be the very first stop for Barry Odom. Lock up your state and go after the spot in which you know you can find some stars.

Dallas: Gary Pinkel's staffs could always develop, but it might be time to swing for the fences in recruiting. Head down to Texas, where the water turns them into animals.


Orlando: Hugh Freeze has already had success in Florida, but this is a chance to bleed some of the Florida big boys a little.

New Orleans: Oxford isn't far and the talent down there is more than worth the travel. Nudge LSU's campus in the process.


Charlotte: Will Muschamp knows that controlling the Carolinas is key, and he has to find any edge he can over Clemson.

Jacksonville, Florida: Muschamp has plenty of experience recruiting in the Sunshine State, and Jacksonville is one of Florida's best talent pools.


Atlanta: The Vols are three hours away from the ATL and Butch Jones knows the value of a presence there. Oh, and Georgia won't like it.

Detroit: This is merely for petty reasons. After the shade Harbaugh threw at Jones on Twitter this spring, Jones can try to pluck the few top prospects the state of Michigan has to offer a school like Tennessee.


New Orleans: Kevin Sumlin already has some magic working in Texas, but NOLA/Louisiana has to be second on his list.

Phoenix: Sumlin has actually signed multiple guys from Arizona in recent years. Ruffle some Pac-12 feathers with that chopper.


Atlanta: Derek Mason must get more out of the Atlanta area. This might as well be No. 2 on the list for Vandy.

Memphis: Good area for Mason to be even better at recruiting in. Play it smart and get a handle on the area around him.