Lane Kiffin's troll roll continues with Auburn, Tennessee digs

Spring practice is over, so what's Lane Kiffin to do? Well, apparently go Internet trolling, that's what.

Alabama's offensive coordinator rarely uses Twitter, but he's been on his game this week, most recently firing a shot across the bow at in-state rival Auburn.

Those numbers Kiffin cited? One was the final score of last year's Iron Bowl -- 29-13 -- and the other was a reference to the 2004 BCS National Championship in which Auburn was left out of despite going undefeated and USC, where Kiffin was an assistant coach at the time, beat Oklahoma, 55-19.

Kiffin, who presumably is on the road recruiting, is on a roll. On Friday, he tweeted a picture of the on-ramp to Knoxville, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, where he was head coach in 2009. His departure wasn't altogether friendly, you'll recall.

Now would be a good time to remind you that Kiffin doesn't usually speak with the media. He's cordoned off from all manner of microphones expect for one scheduled interview session per year.

But Kiffin has found ways of getting his point across. He didn't say anything prior to last year's game against Tennessee, but he was sure to wear an orange tie on the field before the game.

Makes you wonder what stunt he'll pull before playing Auburn and Tennessee this year.