The SEC's three-headed monsters

All this talk about three-headed monsters makes me think I’m at a horror flick.

Who has the best set of triplets in the SEC, the best combination of quarterback, running back and receiver?

We’ll start with the defending national champions and go from there.

1. Alabama: QB Greg McElroy, RB Mark Ingram, WR Julio Jones

The skinny: Any offense that includes Ingram and Jones is going to be at the top of the list. The thing that makes both of them so good is that they’re incredible after-contact players but also explosive enough to break the long ones. And while McElroy might not be a prototypical NFL passer, he’s smart, accurate and has yet to lose as a starter at Alabama.

2. Arkansas: QB Ryan Mallett, RB Ronnie Wingo Jr., WR Greg Childs

The skinny: If we were talking about the team with the deepest stable of playmakers, the Hogs would be at the top. Childs led the SEC -- in conference games only -- last season in touchdown catches, receiving yards, receiving yards per game and yards per catch. Wingo still has to prove that he’s an elite player, but he’s 230 pounds with track speed and poised to break out this season. Of course, when you have Mallett throwing to you, everybody looks better.

3. Georgia: QB Aaron Murray, RB Washaun Ealey, WR A.J. Green

The skinny: It might be taking a slight chance to have the Bulldogs this high when their quarterback has never taken a snap in a college game. But his top target, Green, might be the most dynamic receiver in all of college football, and Ealey was one of the SEC’s most productive running backs the final month of the season a year ago. About the time Ealey got going last season, Green was injured. Look out with both of those guys healthy.

4. Florida: QB John Brantley, RB Jeff Demps, WR Andre Debose

The skinny: Brantley brings a new dimension to the Florida offense with his ability to throw the ball all over the field. He may be unproven at the SEC level, but not for long. Demps will get even more touches in 2010 and returns as one of the best breakaway threats in the league, and while there’s not a proven go-to receiver returning, Debose is the best bet to fill that role. He’s a big play waiting to happen every time he gets the ball.

5. Kentucky: QB Mike Hartline, RB Derrick Locke, WR Randall Cobb

The skinny: Hartline has battled inconsistency and injuries, but he’s determined to make his senior season his best yet. The Wildcats will need him to if they’re going to extend their bowl streak to five straight years. Some fans might be surprised to see the Wildcats in the top 5, but it’s a tribute to how good and how versatile Locke and Cobb have been. Locke was second last season in the SEC in all-purpose yardage, while Cobb was fourth. Locke’s the faster of the two, but Cobb is one of those guys who just makes plays no matter where he lines up.