Players describe new SEC coordinators in one word

HOOVER, Ala. -- The coordinator carousel was in full swing again this offseason. Ten of the 14 teams in the SEC made changes, and there will be a total of 13 new coordinators in the conference this fall.

Who knows these coordinators better than their players? With that in mind, we asked players to describe their new coaches in just one word.

Jeremy Pruitt, Alabama defensive coordinator

Country: “He just has that Southern drawl. I don’t know. He comes off as country. But we love him. We’re so excited to have him, so excited to play for him. We just can’t wait to get out there." -- Defensive end Jonathan Allen

Kevin Steele, Auburn defensive coordinator

Mentor: “He’s definitely trying to make you better and understand why.” – Defensive end Carl Lawson

Jim Chaney, Georgia offensive coordinator

Personable: “I mean that in the sense that he connects well with people. I think he’s a players’ coach. We all respond well to him, and he just identifies well with us.” --Tight end Jeb Blazevich

Mel Tucker, Georgia defensive coordinator

Aggressive: “His demeanor. Every time he steps on the field, he’s ready to work. His work ethic is very high. He’s not coming on the field to see any lacking or walking around. There’s none of that. Everything is fast-paced. He’s ready to get it.” -- Safety Dominick Sanders

Eddie Gran, Kentucky offensive coordinator

Dedicated: “He’s not taken anything from no one. He came in to do one specific job, and that’s to change the program around. That’s coming here and getting this program where it needs to be. So he’s not letting anything step in his way. He wants to win. He’s a great coach. He comes from winning programs. He came here to win, and that’s what we want to do." -- Running back Jojo Kemp

Dave Aranda, LSU defensive coordinator

Genuine: “It’s the way that he talks and the way that he explains himself and the way that he reached out to me when I was going through the decision-making process. Should I go or should I come back? He reached out to me. He told me, ‘Whatever you do, I’m all for it. But if you were to come back, I was going to put you in a great position to make plays and be a difference-maker on this team.’ Once he told me that, it was an easier decision.” -- Cornerback Tre’Davious White

Peter Sirmon, Mississippi State defensive coordinator

Intelligent: “He’s taught me a lot. He’s kind of expanded my game as far as football goes. He’s really helped me understand things in a different way. He’s also a great leader. He’s really good at leading because he’s an ex-NFL guy. He’s played before. He’s been in our shoes before, so he knows how to talk to us. He knows how to lead us. He knows how to communicate with us. So I think that’s a big advantage to having him as our coach.” -- Linebacker Richie Brown

Josh Heupel, Missouri offensive coordinator

Competitor: “He’s just always hyping on us competing. That’s his thing -- compete, full speed, don’t think. You’re already wrong if you’re hesitant. Just make a decision and go with it and compete your ass off until the last second. Personally, it’s definitely elevated my game because there’s always more you can do." -- Tight end Sean Culkin

DeMontie Cross, Missouri defensive coordinator

Intense: “He came from TCU. Coach Patterson at TCU is an extremely, extremely intense guy. I think if you ask anybody, that’s how they would describe him. That’s the man he learned from. Coach Patterson is an amazing defensive mind. Coach Cross learned a lot of defense from him. He’s been able to come here and teach us more and expand what we know even more, and he also brings the passion along with it. He’s very, very picky on what we do on the field, and that’s going to make us so much better come Saturdays in the fall." -- Linebacker Michael Scherer

Kurt Roper, South Carolina offensive coordinator

Professional: “Everything that he does -- his day-to-day, his demeanor, how he attacks practice, how he gets after meetings -- it’s just very professional and methodical." -- Offensive lineman Mason Zandi

Travaris Robinson, South Carolina defensive coordinator

Tough: “Simple, tough. He wants to instill that in us, so he has to be it. And no matter what we do, we're going to do it with a tough manner to ourselves.” -- Defensive end Marquavius Lewis

Bob Shoop, Tennessee defensive coordinator

Evaluator: “He doesn’t really get stuck on one thing. He sees something, and he looks at what it does or how it works or the possibilities. He doesn’t just get stuck on one thing. I feel like he always evaluates scenarios or evaluates plays.” -- Linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin

Noel Mazzone, Texas A&M offensive coordinator

Dedicated: “I say that because he’s a guy that comes in to a new program and is dedicated to making us the best players that we can be.” -- Quarterback Trevor Knight