Meyer not biting on Kiffin

Columnist and radio talk-show host Paul Finebaum caught up recently with Florida coach Urban Meyer, who reiterated that he was feeling great heading into the season.

Finebaum tried to get Meyer to bite on former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin being gone, but Meyer abstained ... sort of. Kiffin did everything he could to get under Meyer's skin during his 14-month stay in Knoxville, and even accused Meyer (wrongly) of cheating at one point.

When asked by Finebaum if he were going to miss Kiffin, here's the way Finebaum described Meyer's response:

"Oooh," Meyer said, taking a long and seemingly inexhaustible pause. "I gotta not answer that or it'll be on the front page of USA Today tomorrow. I have a lot of respect for the new guy at Tennessee. I never knew him. I don't know much about him. But I have spoken to Coach (Derek) Dooley quite a bit, something I haven't done with a Tennessee coach in a long while."