SEC player roundtable: What's the league's most hostile environment?

One of the best parts about SEC football is the atmosphere and noise level in various stadiums across the conference. That is unless you’re an opposing player. Then you can barely hear your teammates, and there’s a good chance you might have some obscenities thrown in your direction.

We wanted to know which away stadiums were the most hostile for opposing teams, so we asked a handful of SEC players in this week’s roundtable.

Jeb Blazevich, TE, Georgia

"I feel like at every away stadium there’s always that moment where they get really loud. Whether it’s at the very beginning or Tennessee last year at the very end -- we have to go 99 yards to win a game and people were loud. They didn’t want us to do so. It’s unique playing on the road. I feel like that’s the hard part, getting your mind focused in hostile environments, but that’s what we train for."

Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

"One that definitely stood out to me was Mississippi State. It was a crazy game, a whole bunch of fans were there. They had the whole stadium filled, and all you’re hearing is cowbells the whole game. It was very annoying."

Marcus Davis, WR, Auburn

"LSU, my freshman year. Even though it was raining, their fans were still out there. It was very, very loud. I had a pass across the middle, and I just dropped it. I don’t know how I dropped it. I think it had something to do with their atmosphere. It was just a great experience. It’s always fun to play a team like that in that stadium."

Brooks Ellis, LB, Arkansas

"Texas Tech was pretty hostile, but SEC-wise, you can’t get any worse than LSU. Tennessee was pretty bad, too. And Ole Miss. Those three were pretty brutal. They get really hostile, and it’s always a fun atmosphere to be at. They’re just really loud atmospheres, lots of drunk people everywhere, saying whatever they want to say to you. It’s just crazy."

Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss

"It’s a tie between Auburn and Alabama. My freshman year and last year, I played at Auburn and they were rocking. Their stadium is really close to the field. It’s a big bowl, so the sound stays in there. That’s pretty tough to play. Alabama, of course. My freshman year and last year. With 103, 104 thousand, however many their stadium holds, they fill it up and they’re jamming."

Carl Lawson, DL, Auburn

"Texas A&M, freshman year, in Kyle Field when Johnny Manziel was out there -- that was an environment. That’s one to remember. When he came back from his shoulder injury, I couldn’t hear anything. It was crazy."

Jon Toth, C, Kentucky

"Probably Florida. Every year, they get pretty rowdy. It’s so loud that the tackles can’t even hear me, and I’m at center. The noise level is ridiculous there. A couple of the voices kind of get through all the noise, but I don’t really remember anything specific, to be honest. It’s all in good fun, though. I never take anything that is said there to heart. It’s just a unique environment."