Commodores' Caldwell ready for a break

Fresh off Vanderbilt’s first SEC win since the end of the 2008 season, first-year coach Robbie Caldwell wouldn’t mind bottling that momentum and playing again this weekend.

But the Commodores, who didn’t have a bye a year ago and had to play 12 straight weeks, are idle this Saturday.

The more Caldwell surveys the situation, the better off he thinks the Commodores will be to have an open date before traveling to Connecticut on Oct. 2 and then coming home to face Eastern Michigan on Oct. 9.

As bleak as it looked for Vanderbilt following that 27-3 home loss to LSU the second week of the season, it’s not outlandish to think the Commodores could be 3-2 overall going into that Georgia game on Oct. 16.

Caldwell, who on his worst day could manage a few folksy jokes, said what he’s really looking forward to this Saturday is lying on the couch all day, doing nothing and watching football.

“Of course, my wife won’t let me do that,” Caldwell said. “I’ve got all them honey-dos. I’ve got to aerate the yard and throw out some grass seed. But believe you me, I’m going to throw me something on the grill and watch me a little bit (of football) and laugh at everybody else having all the pressure on them that day.”

Caldwell said this week will be especially beneficial for the Commodores’ running backs to get healthier. Warren Norman had some fluid drained from his knee.

“We hope that helps him pick up some quickness and a step he hasn’t had,” Caldwell said.

Norman had arthroscopic knee surgery in late August. Zac Stacy (knee) and Wesley Tate (foot) have also not been 100 percent because of injuries.

Even with the extra week off, Caldwell isn’t optimistic the Commodores will get back defensive tackle T.J. Greenstone (ankle) and tight end Brandon Barden (foot). Both players were injured in the 28-14 win over Ole Miss last Saturday.