King latest Georgia player to find trouble

Georgia simply can't win for losing, at least not off the field.

Two days after the Bulldogs snapped their four-game losing streak with a 41-14 rout of Tennessee, starting tailback Caleb King was being held in jail for failing to appear on an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation.

King is the 11th Georgia player to be arrested this year, and school president Michael Adams made it very clear recently that he'd had it with the mounting arrests of football players.

This one seems pretty minor, but it's still the principle of the thing. When you've had as many off-the-field problems as Georgia has had and coach Mark Richt has pounded it into his players the way he has about staying out of trouble and making good decisions, that makes it even more frustrating for everybody associated with Georgia's program that these things continue to happen.

Somewhere, the message isn't getting through.