Updating the SEC quarterback rankings

It’s been two days since I asked you to rank the starting quarterbacks at the midway point in the SEC.

With nearly 13,500 votes cast, this is how the fans have them ranked in our SportsNation poll:

Now, here’s the way I voted, again based solely on what they’ve done this season:

  • 1. Cam Newton, Auburn

  • 2. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

  • 3. Greg McElroy, Alabama

  • 4. Aaron Murray, Georgia

  • 5. Stephen Garcia, South Carolina

  • 6. Jeremiah Masoli, Ole Miss

  • 7. Mike Hartline, Kentucky

  • 8. John Brantley, Florida

  • 9. Chris Relf, Mississippi State

  • 10. Matt Simms, Tennessee

  • 11. Jarrett Lee, LSU

  • 12. Larry Smith, Vanderbilt

  • 13. Jordan Jefferson, LSU

The skinny: Newton and Mallett have both had terrific seasons, but Newton’s ability to both run and pass gives him the nod in my mind. I thought about going with Garcia at No. 3, but I want to see him string three or four good games together. I’m really impressed with Murray. He’s going to be very good for a long time in this league. Obviously, I’m not as high on Lee as the fans, although he’s been clutch for the Tigers each of the past two weeks. The big disappointment has been Brantley. Maybe I’m being too hard on him, because he certainly hasn’t been terrible. Still, he’s a better player than he’s shown to this point.

As an added bonus, here’s the way I ranked the SEC’s starting quarterbacks back in the preseason. Before anybody says it, I know. I had Brantley way too high and Newton way too low:

  • 1. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

  • 2. Greg McElroy, Alabama

  • 3. Jeremiah Masoli, Ole Miss

  • 4. John Brantley, Florida

  • 5. Stephen Garcia, South Carolina

  • 6. Jordan Jefferson, LSU

  • 7. Cam Newton, Auburn

  • 8. Aaron Murray, Georgia

  • 9. Mike Hartline, Kentucky

  • 10. Chris Relf, Mississippi State

  • 11. Matt Simms, Tennessee

  • 12. Larry Smith, Vanderbilt