Better cowbell etiquette from State fans

Good news for Mississippi State fans on the cowbell front.

SEC officials have informed Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin that fans did a much better job last week in the Kentucky game of not ringing their cowbells during forbidden times. In other words, they weren't all clanging in unison when Kentucky had the ball.

Being able to bring cowbells into home games is obviously a very important tradition for Mississippi State fans. The better they adhere to the compromise laid out there prior to this season by the conference office, the better chance they have of continuing to bring the cowbells into games.

Mississippi State officials have gone to great lengths to educate fans on when to ring the cowbells and when not to ring them. This past weekend was a more encouraging sign that maybe fans are getting the message.

We'll see come May when the SEC spring meetings roll around if Mississippi State will be able to move forward with a second year of the cowbell compromise or if they're nixed once and for all as artificial noise makers.