Chizik: Newton will play against Georgia

With new allegations surfacing daily about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was adamant about one thing Wednesday.

Newton will be playing Saturday against Georgia.

Chizik, before he was asked any questions Wednesday on the SEC coaches teleconference, said sternly, "I want to get off the table up front the fact that Cameron Newton will be playing Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs. I want to get that off the table."

From there, Chizik made it clear that he wasn't answering any more questions about the situation. ESPN reported on Tuesday night that Newton and his father, Cecil Newton, admitted to a pay-for-play plan during phone conversations while Newton was being recruited last year out of junior college. ESPN.com reported last week that former Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers, who claimed to be representing the Newton family, tried to solicit up to $200,000 in exchange for Newton signing with the Bulldogs.

"If there is anybody that has any questions that relate to this game Saturday, I’d love to entertain those questions only. Thank you," Chizik said Wednesday.

Two different times, he was asked further about Newton and the allegations.

"Like I said, I’m going to address and entertain all the questions that have to do with the game Saturday," Chizik said.