Rogers: Cecil Newton put price on son

The Cam Newton saga went to another level Thursday afternoon when Kenny Rogers, appearing on a Dallas radio station, said Cecil Newton put a price tag on his son.

Rogers is the former Mississippi State player that ESPN.com reported last week was claiming to represent the Newton family and soliticing money for Newton to sign with the Bulldogs. Rogers, who denied he was involved last week, conceded Thursday that Cecil Newton told him it would take anywhere from $100,000 to $180,000 for Mississippi State to sign his son.

During the radio interview, Rogers said he didn't know anything about Newton's recruitment at Auburn or any other school. He said he had "no idea" why Newton chose Auburn or if Auburn paid Newton. Rogers said he has been contacted by the NCAA.

In an e-mail to ESPN.com, an NCAA spokeswoman said: "The solicitation of cash or benefits by a prospective student-athlete or another individual on his or her behalf is not allowed under NCAA rules."

Rogers worked for Chicago-based agent Ian Greengross. The NFL Players Association said last week said it had filed a disciplinary complaint against Greengross for "violating numerous provisions of the NFLPA's agent regulations while recruiting and representing players." It also target the actions of Rogers.

In another e-mail, a spokesman said: "Generally speaking, if a third party is marketing a student-athlete, there could be potential agent violations. Under NCAA rules, it doesn't matter what you call yourself or how you are compensated, the actions are what triggers agent violation rules."

The NCAA spokeswoman said: "The decision to rule a student-athlete ineligible is made by the university, not the NCAA. We do not suspend student-athletes. It is a school action. The university can then seek reinstatement on behalf of the student-athlete and reinstatement decisions are made by the NCAA.

Officials at Auburn and Mississippi State refused comment Thursday.

Earlier this week, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was adamant that Newton would play this Saturday against Georgia, and officials at Auburn have said steadfastly that they have uncovered nothing that would impact Newton's eligibility.