Clarifying Petrino's contract situation

First, a disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting that Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino is going to Florida, actively seeking the Florida job or even wants to go to Florida.

That said, I do believe he's a viable candidate when you consider his track record as one of the top offensive minds and playcallers in college football, not to mention that he has Arkansas in its first-ever BCS bowl in his third season on the job and was high on Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley's list the last time Foley went looking for a head coach.

One of the questions I've been getting repeatedly from fans in the past day or so is what exactly Petrino's contract says in the way of a non-compete clause. There was some talk out there that his contract included language that would prevent him from taking a job at any other SEC school. In actuality, the non-compete clause in his contract only specifies SEC Western Division schools, which would free him up to go to Florida.

Petrino, whose salary was just over $2.7 million this season, would owe Arkansas a buyout. That buyout, according to the terms of Petrino's contract, would be a little more than $3 million if he were to leave prior to the end of this year.