SEC championship game staying put

The SEC announced on Friday the SEC championship game would remain at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta through 2017, which adds two more years on a five-year deal that was agreed upon in 2009.

My question: Why would it ever move from the Georgia Dome?

It's the perfect venue for the game and the perfect location. Atlanta is a reasonable drive for most of the fans in the league, and playing indoors eliminates any weather concerns.

Here's the other thing: Why mess with a proven commodity?

Anybody who's been to one of the SEC championship games in the Georgia Dome knows how electric that place is the first Saturday of every December. The only off-campus atmosphere any better in college football is the BCS National Championship Game.

It's big-time football at its best with one half of the stadium adorned in the East champion's colors and the other half in the West champion's colors. Good luck in finding a ticket, too. The game has sold out in 16 of the 17 championships held in the Georgia Dome, packing nearly 1.2 million people in the Dome to watch past SEC championships. The annual event has generated over $702 million of economic impact to the city of Atlanta since 2000, an average of nearly $64 million per year and approximately $30.7 million in sales taxes over the same time span.

It's a no-brainer to keep the game right where it is.