One more time: Green vs. Jones

The question was posed from the time they arrived in the SEC as highly rated high school prospects -- one from Summerville, S.C, and the other from Foley, Ala.

Now, they're poised to be first-round picks in the NFL draft, and the question is still raging.

Who's the better receiver: A.J. Green or Julio Jones?

Following their freshman seasons, I was in Jones' corner all the way. After their sophomore seasons, I was a Green convert. And after this past season, I was torn, although I felt like Jones had the better season with Green having to miss the four games at the start.

Watching them go head-to-head in the NFL combine workouts on Sunday was a treat. Yes, it was only testing with no pads and nobody trying to break you in half coming over the middle, but it was obvious that Jones was dialed in and determined to make a statement.

In fact, he told somebody close to him before the workouts that he was going to do exactly what he went out and did -- and that is steal the spotlight from Green.

Jones, who was measured at 6-foot-2 3/4 and weighed 220 pounds, posted the third fastest 40-yard dash time among receivers with a 4.39. His 11-3 broad jump was the longest among receivers and two inches away from the combine record. He also had a 38.5-inch vertical jump.

Green, who was measured at 6-3 5/8 and weighed 211 pounds, ran a 4.48 in the 40 to go along with a 10-6 broad jump and 34.5-inch vertical jump.

It's a little surprising that Green didn't run a faster time for the clock and that Jones ran as fast as he did. But when's the last time you saw anybody run Jones down from behind. Think back to that LSU game during the 2009 season. When he broke that tackle and got a few steps, he was pulling away from people, and even though Patrick Peterson wasn't on the field for that play, there was no shortage of speed in the LSU secondary.

The reality is that both Jones and Green will be great players in the NFL, and there's a chance now that both may go in the top 10 picks.

Who's better?

Ask me after their rookie seasons.