Vanderbilt's Franklin recruiting on campus

First-year Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is looking for a few good men, and he's looking for them right there on Vanderbilt's campus.

In an effort to beef up the Commodores' numbers, Franklin toured campus last month, hitting up the fraternities and dormitories, trying to drum up interest in walk-on tryouts.

The Commodores had 17 students come out and put them through a series of drills and testing sessions. A handful of those guys will be with the Commodores when they open spring practice on March 18.

Here's a look inside at those tryouts, thanks to Vanderbilt, and something tells me that Travis Cohen will quickly become a cult hero in the SEC if he manages to make the team.

And even if he doesn't make the team, there has to be a spot for him as Jeff Spicoli's character if somebody ever decides to do a remake of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."