NFL is SEC-heavy

We saw as the SEC led the draft charge for the fifth straight year by producing 38 draft selections in the 2011 NFL draft.

Twenty-three of the 32 teams took at least one SEC player, with the Seattle Seahawks drafting a league-high four SEC players (Alabama guard James Carpenter, Mississippi State linebacker K.J. Wright, Georgia wide receiver Kris Durham and LSU defensive end Lazarius Levingston).

The Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers all had three SEC selections.

When you look at how many former SEC players are on active NFL rosters in the past few years, it's easy to see that NFL teams love dipping into the SEC well for talent.

The SEC has had more of its former players on NFL rosters in the past five seasons than any other conference. Since 2006, the SEC has averaged 264.6 players per year on NFL opening-weekend rosters. The league had a high of 272 on 2010 rosters.

Since 2006, the SEC has led all conferences averaging 39.5 draft picks a year.

From 2005-09, the SEC had had two of its former players named NFL MVP three times (2005, running back Shaun Alexander, Alabama with Seattle; 2008- 09, quarterback Peyton Manning, Tennessee with the Indianapolis Colts).

During the past five Super Bowls (2006-10), three former SEC players have been named game MVP (2006 receiver Hines Ward, Georgia with the Pittsburgh Steelers; 2007 Manning; 2008 quarterback Eli Manning, Ole Miss with the New York Giants).

Including its 2011 draft picks, Kansas City is the most SEC-heavy team in the NFL with 23 former SEC players on its roster, while Cincinnati is second with 22. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the least amount of SEC talent running around with five former players.

Here's how NFL teams did this year with SEC players:

Seattle Seahawks -- 4

Atlanta Falcons -- 3

Buffalo Bills -- 3

Green Bay Packers -- 3

Carolina Panthers -- 2

Cincinatti Bengals -- 2

Kansas City Chiefs -- 2

New England Patriots -- 2

Oakland Raiders -- 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 2

Arizona Cardinals -- 1

Baltimore Ravens -- 1

Dallas Cowboys -- 1

Detroit Lions -- 1

Indianapolis Colts -- 1

Miami Dolphins -- 1

Minnesota Vikings -- 1

New Orleans Saints -- 1

New York Jets -- 1

Pittsburgh Steelers -- 1

San Fransisco 49ers -- 1

Tennessee Titans -- 1

Washington Redskins -- 1

When you look at each NFL roster today, the SEC makes up 376 players in the league. Of course not all of these players will make it to opening weekend, but that's how it stands after the NFL draft.

The school with the most NFL players? That would be LSU with 56. Georgia is second with 47. Vanderbilt brings up the rear with 12.

Here's a look at each school and its current NFL player number:

LSU -- 56

Georgia -- 47

Florida -- 44

Tennessee -- 43

Alabama -- 37

Auburn -- 33

Ole Miss -- 27

South Carolina -- 23

Arkansas -- 20

Mississippi State -- 19

Kentucky -- 15

Vanderbilt -- 12