Tebow's durability has been amazing

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Any time Tim Tebow misses a few practices to rest a sore back, I can understand how a few eyebrows might be raised in the Sunshine State.

After all, Superman doesn't need any time off, and he certainly doesn't need any time to rest up from injuries.

This just in: Tebow ain't made of steel.

I know he plays like it. But of all the jaw-dropping things he's done on the field, his most stunning accomplishment to me is that he's never missed any meaningful time because of an injury.

No quarterback in the SEC the past three seasons has been hit as many times as Tebow. It's not even close. In his last two seasons alone, he's had 386 rushing attempts.

That's right, 386 attempts.

The only current running back in the SEC who has carried the ball more during that span is Mississippi State's Anthony Dixon, who has 484 rushing attempts over the past two seasons.

LSU's Charles Scott hasn't carried it as much as Tebow the past two seasons, and neither have Arkansas' Michael Smith or Auburn's Ben Tate.

Tebow revealed to reporters Monday that he injured his right (non-throwing) shoulder in the opener last season against Hawaii and had to have painkilling injections before games the rest of the way. He had surgery on his shoulder in January.

He also played through a bum shoulder during the second half of his sophomore season. Anybody who saw him in the Florida game that year knows how much he was hurting.

The bottom line is that somebody (or several people) are probably going to have to drag him off the field to get him out of a game because of an injury.

He's been an amazing player, but he's also been amazingly durable for a guy who's routinely taken on linebackers and safeties.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's 240 pounds and built more like a tight end than a quarterback.