Muschamp and Fisher keeping beach house

For those of you looking for a nice piece of beachfront property in Pensacola, don’t look to Will Muschamp for much help.

It’s no secret that Florida’s new head coach shares a beach house in that area with Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher -- an enemy to those who wear the orange-and-blue.

Unfortunately for those interested, the house isn’t up for sale and the two buds aren’t planning on parting ways with it even with the new-found rivalry they share on the football field and in the recruiting world.

The two have been close friends since their time as assistants at LSU under Nick Saban and intend to keep that relationship going.

When Muschamp accepted the job at Florida last December, Fisher called him to congratulate him on coaching in the SEC and returning home. But beyond that, there wasn’t much “good luck” tossed around.

“We don’t share a whole lot of notes together, that’s for sure,” Muschamp said on Wednesday's SEC coaches call.

Mushamp knows the beach house talk is popular among the media, but his friendship with Fisher, Saban and Tennessee’s Derek Dooley won’t impact the way he coaches this fall. He puts business in front of friendship come game day.

“I’ll be honest with you, it’s about preparing your team and getting your team ready to play,” he said.

There hasn’t been a friendly winner-take-all wager put on the beach house, but Muschamp assures he’ll have that attitude when they first meet this season.

“When it comes down to game day, there will be no two more people in the state that want to win that game more than Jimbo or myself,” he said.