Georgia's Crowell moves in as the starter

It was pretty obvious in preseason camp that freshman Isaiah Crowell was Georgia's most dynamic running back.

And after last Saturday's 45-42 loss to South Carolina, it's pretty obvious that he's the Bulldogs' most dynamic offensive playmaker.

Georgia coach Mark Richt certainly thinks so. He said Crowell would move into the starting lineup this Saturday against Coastal Carolina. Crowell ran for a touchdown and caught a touchdown pass last weekend on his way to 158 combined rushing and receiving yards. He carried the ball 16 times and caught two passes.

"I think he’s learned a lot," Richt said. "It’s just so hard to explain to a guy what it’s going to be like until they start doing it. Now he’s been in the Georgia Dome and had that experience and had a Southeastern Conference experience in a game that he could tell that one play can make the difference. I think he understands a lot more about what it takes, and I think he’s even more motivated to work even harder in practice and to make sure he takes care of every little detail. Not to say that he wasn’t, but he’s a freshman, and until you play in an SEC game like that, you don’t get it fully.

"I saw more of an urgency on his part even in yesterday’s practice. He seems excited about what the future holds."

Crowell's acceleration and quick feet are what jump out at you, but he's also tough to bring down. In addition, Richt expects Crowell to get more accustomed to being in there for an entire series or for several series in a row. He came out after a couple of long plays last weekend.

"As the game was going on, I thought he was running well," Richt said. "But when I looked at the film, he really made some great runs. He did take a shot in the ribs and was having trouble breathing. I think his energy level and his excitement level got to where he’d raise his hand and want to come off. You say, 'Stay in there,' but you don’t know why he wants to come out to begin with. So when he wanted to come out, he came out.

"But I think he’ll stay in a little bit more than a couple of runs, although there were a couple of relatively long runs. It was relatively hot at that moment. I think his endurance will build as we go, too, and as he prepares and as the weather cools throughout the season."