Texas A&M must conquer esteem issues

Now that Texas A&M has officially moved to the Southeastern Conference, maybe the Aggies' self-esteem will improve.

They're no longer Texas' little brother. They've moved on to what they anticipate will be bigger and better, while seizing control of their future.

It was a bold move.

A&M should contend for conference titles in just about every sport except football during their first year in the SEC, but the Aggies did that in the Big 12 and it still left the majority of Aggies unfulfilled.

It's too bad every school doesn't have the pride and loyalty that exists at A&M, but we all know the Aggies are among the whiniest fans, collectively, you'll ever find. If that aspect of the Aggies' fan base doesn't change, then they'll be just as frustrated in the SEC in a few years.

Instead of playing second fiddle to Texas and OU in football, they'll be playing second fiddle to Alabama and LSU. Perhaps, that won't bother the Aggies faithful as much simply because those schools aren't the hated "tu."

We can argue -- as my mama used to say -- until we're blue in the face about whether this was a good move or a bad move. Heck, the Aggies can't even seem to reach a consensus themselves, though most seem pleased with the switch in conferences.

Ultimately, the move's success depends on whether A&M can consistently compete for the conference football title in the SEC. Do that, and everything else falls into place.

It seems a silly notion based on their performance in the Big 12 over the years, but they'll have a chance to prove it on the field.

The reality is football success is only way A&M's self-esteem will improve.