Muschamp has one-game season mentality

You won’t catch Florida coach Will Muschamp looking ahead.

His focus is and will always be on the task at hand. There is no wondering what’s down the road or how things could shake up the future.

When asked Wednesday about Florida’s treacherous October stretch that starts with Saturday’s home game with Alabama and how it could impact the perception of his team, Muschamp preferred to talk about the Tide and nothing else.

At least he apologized for being a little dull in his response.

“I hate to be boring with the answer, but that’s really what I’m concerned with and after that we’ll handle and cross those roads when we come to it as far as the evaluation,“ Muschamp said. “My evaluation will be done when the season’s over about where we are. It’s a long season and we’re focused on playing Alabama on Saturday night.”

For Muschamp, he doesn’t look at the season as a 12-game schedule. He looks at each week as a one-game season. It sounds cheesy, but it helps his staff and players focus one day at a time.

“This week, this is our game,“ he said. “This is our season. Next week, it’ll change.”

So far, Muschamp has been pretty pleased with how his team has played. The Gators are beginning to get a little more attention and respect than they got last season by being unbeaten heading into a mammoth matchup with No. 3 Alabama, having one of the most exciting running games in the country (averaging 259 yards a game) and having an aggressive, hard-nosed defense that has suffocating ability up front.

There are still areas that need improvement, most notably the passing game and pass defense, but Florida’s 4-0 start is all Muschamp could have asked for at this point.

“Where we are right now is where we wanted to be,“ he said. “We wanted to be 4-0 at this point and that’s where we are.”