Ole Miss' chancellor responds to threats

Things are really heating up at Ole Miss, so much so that chancellor Dan Jones is making the rounds in the media and making it known he won't be pressured into firing athletic director Pete Boone.

A group calling itself Forward Rebels has been purchasing full-page advertisements in newspapers around the state, calling for Boone's ouster and blaming the Rebels' struggles on the administration.

Rick Cleveland, who's been covering sports in that state for 40-plus years, has an excellent column on the situation, one that may get worse before it gets better.

Jones has written a letter to Ole Miss alumni, boosters and fans and is adamant he will not cave to the pressure or threats.

No matter what side you sit on in this whole mess, none of it's good for Ole Miss.

And the more the Rebels lose on the field, the nastier it's going to get, which is why the whole university could really use a win Saturday at Fresno State.