LSU's defense totally dominates ... again

At some point, you have to start wondering if LSU's defense could take down an NFL offense.

OK, that might be a little bit of a stretch -- but just a little.

The Tigers clobbered Kentucky's offense Saturday en route to a 35-7 win. That final touchdown probably shouldn't have even happened, but you could tell on that drive that LSU was looking to get out of the game.

LSU held Kentucky's offense, which entered the game as one of the hardest to watch, to just 155 total yards. The Wildcats used two quarterbacks and could only get seven completions and 66 total passing yards.

LSU left Kentucky's offense for dead Saturday and it only forced one takeaway in the process. Granted, that takeaway was a strip by Tyrann Mathieu on a sack of backup Maxwell Smith. Mathieu, true to his form, returned the fumble 23 yards for a touchdown. Mathieu now has two defensive touchdowns on the year.

But it's not as if LSU tried to be overly creative on defense. The Tigers just dominated Kentucky by playing its game with its far superior athletes.

The Tigers had five sacks, limited the Wildcats to just three third-down conversions on 15 tries and forced Kentucky to punt 10 times. This LSU defense is just nasty.

This game looked close at halftime with LSU only leading 14-0. But this game wasn't close, far from it. LSU is just on another level defensively and more SEC teams are going to realize that going forward. This wasn't just a Kentucky problem, it's going to be a problem for each of LSU's next opponents.

Before the season, I got a handful of emails and chat questions asking why LSU was getting so much love. People kept saying the Tigers were too young on defense and lacked playmakers on offense to be a true championship contender. No one thought they'd win with Jordan Jefferson as their quarterback.

Well, one part of that has proved to be true -- this team hasn't won with Jefferson because it hasn't needed to. Jarrett Lee is in charge of this offense and he's done just fine.

As for the youth on defense, well, I'm sure people would hate to see what this team would look like with a veteran defense.

(Pause for the collective shiver that we all just felt.)

Scary, right?